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 Proceeds will be donated to the Winhall Mountain School to help fund the Group of student competing in Galaxy of the Mind in Iowa.


Please choose your size order and pick up at the The Red Fox in Winhall Friday night.

Spring Tulips+ to Benefit Winhall Mountain School

  • I grow all tulips without the use of harsh chemicals, such as pesticides or any holding agents.  I grow both hydroponically and in soil in a sun house and a root cellar on my farm in Jamaica.  Tulips are very cold hardy but once you bring them home give them a fresh snip and a big gulp of fresh water if they have been out of water for awhile they may get limp but they bounce back and they will continue growing and opening over time.

    Keep them away from extreme heat and fruits and veggies (apples and heat are the number one ways to limit the vase life of flowers).  

    Images shown here are just a few examples of tulips I grow, the ones I bring will vary depending on what is blooming the day of, I may also include daffodils or anenomes, if you have specific request or want to see if there is a specific color you want to reserve please send me a message after you receive your purchase email confirmation and I will do my best to accomadate your requests. TY

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